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At 11 am eleven years ago my heart shattered as you released to go. There's a golden thread entwined through it now, protecting loving always proud. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

This website was created this website in honour and respect of David Forrest Gregory who was born in Pittsburg, California,  USA   on December 6th, 1950 .   
He passed away on November 14th, 2004 at the age of 53 in Perth, Western Australia, Australia.

>Shine my love. David was a man of integrity, loyalty, and wisdom who saw life, even when hard, as always evolving and saw a vision and a light for it to improve.  He was a private man,  choosing to go forward rather than live in the past,  choosing to push emotional pain inside of his heart. 

David was studying Computer Science at Edith Cowan University in Perth and was doing well.   The staff and other students admired and gained a lot from his mature insight and knowledge.  He had a way to go before completing it ,  but was loving it so.  Then by accident,  he discovered he had Hepatitis C and had done so for a long long time.  His liver had been damaged. This was October,  2001.  It was an up and down struggle but basically he was winning until about October,  2003.

David was given a liver transplant on 9th September, 2004.  A miracle we thought.  However,  after 10 weeks his body (especially his lungs - unfortunately until the last year of his life,  he had been a smoker)  just could not get over the strain.

For David, staying in his body just wasn't meant to be and as much as I search for the answers to the why of that, I also have gained more and more wisdom into David and his destiny here as a Human Being and elsewhere. 

David is loved and is proud of all the experiences he encountered in this lifetime and happy that he evolved to know love and happiness.

David was sincere person who said it how he saw it and was always true to himself.  Loyal and trustworthy,  David represents what we all should strive to become. 



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You are only a thought away...........   / Carol
Only A Thought Away As a little bird sings in a tree And night follows day I will always be Only a thought away. As you gradually let go of your grief And your skies become less grey I will always be Only a thought away. Heartache will ease And the m...  Continue >>
A poem about Death   / Carol
Death is a Horizon Life is eternal; and love is immortal; and death is only a horizon; and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight. Author: Rossiter Worthington Raymond 1840-1918
THE DAY I FOUND MY BEST LIFE   / Carol Williamson (Wife)
  THE DAY I FOUND MY BEST LIFE(This poem I wrote when life was healthy and happy for David and I.  I need to put it in here to show how special he was - and still is to me)I grew up thinking that I was safe and life was purePeople I thoug...  Continue >>
18th November...........a year on   / Carol (Wife/partner/best friend )
Today is the date of one year
We gathered to hold you so near 

Such saddness as we told your life story
Spreading your roses to display your glory

Your beautiful body adored with grace
Music played and ...  Continue >>
GRATITUDE  / Carol (Wife)
I would like to acknowledge my gratitude to the LIVER TRANSPLANT TEAM  at Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital,   Perth,   for their acceptance, care and endurance for David.   There are many of you and you were all so won...  Continue >>
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His legacy
Edith Cowan University Perth Western Australia  
These are David's academic results from
 July, 2001 till November, 2003:

{David attended lectures and studied these units and more whilst suffering with end stage liver disease.   His Assignment and Project grades were mainly in the Credit and Distinction range but exams were difficult under stress.  Therefore these numbers reflected the exam marks.   A fantastic achievement.)

SYSTEMS ANALYSIS                                  Sem 2 2001  CR  66  Credit

(ASSIGNMENT  =  82 % High Distinction)
(ASSIGNMENT  =  95 % High Distinction)
COMPUTER FUNDAMENTALS                      Sem 1 2002  C   50  Pass

APPLIED COMMUNICATIONS                        Sem 2 2002  CR  66  Credit
(ASSIGNMENT  =  80 % High Distinction)
INTERNET WORKING 1                                 Sem 2 2002    C   55  Pass

PROGRAMMING PRINCIPLES                       Sem 1 2003   D   71  Distinction
INTERNET WORKING 2                                 Sem  1 2003   C  50  Pass
(ASSIGNMENT  =  83 % Distinction)

DATA STRUCTURES IN JAVA                         Sem 2 2003  CR  60  Credit

Hepatitis C and Liver awareness.  

David's heartache at discovering this terrible disease after obviously having it in him unknown for so many years also needs recognition.

Awareness of the possibility of contracting Hepatitis and the awareness of how our livers work and what they need to keep us living normally is a legacy of David's passing which I will try to promote.

Awareness and encouragement for ANTI-SMOKING  was also  very important to David.  Unfortunately,  it was not until he had quit and the consequences of not quitting many many years earlier became evident to him, that he became so adament that it is a primary and secondary threat to life and a 'cover up' that a person just does not need.     He urges all to quit and others to NEVER start.

David Forrest Gregory  

David 's  legacy is many fold.    It is the silent courageous life efforts which touch lives on deep meaningful levels.
He survived emotionally through many disappointments,  tragedy, loneliness, challenges,   and physical hurdles. 

So,  in my opinion ,  his legacy  is one  of courage, determination and a tremendous sense of what is good and true.  David has taught me to be more courageous,  more true to myself and he showed me how not to worry about what others think of you.  We cared about what each other thought of us and we grew and survived and loved that way.

He spent many years studying and teaching Karate.
He was a member of the International Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Federation.  As a member he passed on the profound teachings of Goju-Ryu founder Chojun Miyagi Sensei.

David was employed in many different types of jobs, placing high expectations upon himself and giving all his energy towards whatever he was doing. 

He was  always striving to improve and learn.
He loved Mathematics and flowed this study through to Computer Science.
He was working hard to become CISCO Certified which required a lot of dedication but it would have gotten him recognized in the field of the computer world.

If you give true love to someone, then they become a legacy of sorts as you have affected and changed their lives.  
Therefore , one of David's legacies is me  (Carol).  I can not speak for anyone else as to how his lifetime,  this life has affected them.  I can only tell you that he was my saviour ,  is my angel,  and will always be my best friend and soulmate.  We have lived many lifetimes together and are always together in our hearts.

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